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  • Episode 27: Freedom in Christ | A Study On Galatians

    We are in chapter 5 and Paul is getting ready to teach us about life by the Spirit, the Holy Spirit. But before that he wants to tell us how serious he is against legalism. Legalism tell us we must change our behavior to know Christ. Scripture tells us we first come to Christ, then […]

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  • Episode 26: Getting Rid Of The Chains | A Study On Galatians

    We are going to continue our study on Galatians – chapter 4. In this chapter, Paul talks about Hagar & Sarah. If you are not familiar with their story in the Old Testament, I’m going to bring you up to speed. Abraham & Sarah were married, they were old (almost 100), and never had children. God promised […]

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  • Episode 25: Your Right To Freedom | A Study On Galatians

    During the month of May we talked about the good news. We talked about how all humanity are born into sin because we are all descendants of Adam and Eve. Because of that we are born in bondage, in chains, without freedom. Long story short, those who believe that Jesus died on the cross for […]

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  • Episode 24: The Gospel Is Everything | A Study On Galatians

    Today I’m interviewing Emily Louis and we are talking about God’s grace, legalism, and how to allow God’s love to change us. Links to listen to the episode and download the workbook here. Links to connect with our guest Emily Louis: Abundant Grace Podcast on Apple  Emily on Instagram Revival Starter Kit EDEN FAITH PODCAST LINKS  Click here to […]

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